Ownera is a dynamic, forward-thinking agency that offers its extensive range of services to a diverse spectrum of industry-sectors. We specialize in providing cutting-edge solutions in marketing, advertising, publishing, website and app development, and the immersive realms of augmented and virtual reality. Our mission is to empower businesses and organizations in various fields, helping them harness the power of digital technology to captivate audiences, enhance user experiences, and achieve their strategic objectives. With a dedicated team of experts, Ownera is committed to delivering innovative and tailored solutions that drive success and engagement across these dynamic industry-sectors.

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Industry-Sectors Tourism &

At Ownera, our suite of services is uniquely crafted to catalyze transformation within the tourism and hospitality sectors. Through data-driven strategies, we elevate customer targeting, fine-tune messaging, and curate personalized guest experiences. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we seamlessly streamline marketing processes and enhance guest interactions. In sum, Ownera empowers tourism and hospitality businesses to thrive, adapt, and innovate within this ever-evolving industry landscape.

Industry-Sectors Legal &

Ownera's suite of services are invaluable assets for both the legal and government sectors. In the legal realm, our strategic marketing enhances firms' visibility, while custom web and app solutions facilitate client interactions and management. For the government entities such as the economic development department, our services promote investment opportunities and streamline data dissemination, fostering economic growth and efficiency within communities, thus benefiting both sectors profoundly.

Industry-Sectors Retail &

Ownera is pivotal for retail and e-commerce businesses. Our targeted strategies boost brand visibility, customer engagement, and sales. We not only help attract and engage consumers but also provide seamless online shopping experiences, enhancing user satisfaction and retention. By integrating Ownera services, retailers optimize their presence, expand consumer reach, and stay competitive in the ever-evolving digital landscape, driving growth and profitability.

Industry-Sectors Real Estate &

Ownera's suite of services is a huge advantage for real estate and finance businesses. Tailored marketing strategies enhance property listings' visibility and financial services' reach. Our tech solutions streamline property searches, transactions, and financial management, elevating user experience and trust. With Ownera's assistance, real estate and finance firms bolster their online presence, attract clients, and optimize operations, ultimately driving success into their businesses.

Industry-Sectors Entertainment &

Ownera's suite of services is transformative for entertainment and tech businesses. Effective branding cultivates a strong, recognizable identity. Marketing and advertising strategies amplify product launches and user engagement. Media services leverage diverse platforms to disseminate content and reach wider audiences. We create a powerful synergy, enhancing visibility, attracting users, and fostering growth for entertainment and tech companies in the competitive industry landscape.

Industry-SectorsHealth &

Ownera’s suite of services play vital roles in the health and education sectors. Our strategic branding establishes trust and credibility. Our advanced marketing and advertising campaigns raise awareness and drive enrollment or patient engagement. And our tech services introduce innovative learning platforms and healthcare solutions, improving accessibility and outcomes. Ownera’s holistic approach enhances reputation, boosts engagement, and advances the effectiveness of health and education organizations.

Industry-SectorsTravel &

Ownera is a game-changer in the travel and transportation sectors. With a focus on data-driven strategies, we optimize routes, pricing, and customer experiences, ensuring seamless journeys. With AI capabilities, we provide real-time updates, enhance efficiency. Ownera's marketing expertise increases visibility and passenger engagement, while our cutting-edge solutions ensure safe and convenient travel experiences, ultimately boosting the competitiveness and profitability of travel and transportation businesses.

Industry-SectorsManufacturing &

Ownera's specialized approach drives transformation within the manufacturing and industrial sectors. Employing data-driven strategies, we refine production processes, cut costs, and enhance supply chain management. Our marketing prowess boosts brand recognition and customer engagement. With our comprehensive strategy, we empower manufacturing and industrial enterprises to prosper, adapt, and excel in a swiftly changing market, ensuring success at every juncture.

Industry-SectorsNon-profit &

Ownera is dedicated to making a meaningful impact in the non-profit and cultural sectors. With our strategic expertise, we help organizations amplify their missions, attract sponsors, and engage audiences. Through tech services such as website optimization and membership platforms, we enhance operational efficiency and outreach. Ownera empowers non-profits and cultural institutions to expand their reach, foster community involvement, and enabling them to achieve their noble missions and enrich society.

Industry-SectorsGaming &

In the dynamic realms of gaming and sport, Ownera stands out as a transformative force. Through strategic approaches, we boost fan engagement, optimize event experiences, and enhance player interactions. Leveraging cutting-edge tech solutions, such as immersive gaming platforms and fan-centric apps, we elevate participation and entertainment value. Our marketing strategies amplify brand presence, fostering success and growth within the gaming and sports industries.