Digital media continues to become more fractured as more media types go digital. Ownera Programmatic advertising solutions unify the fractured marketplace into a single platform, with a single user interface — this means efficient and quality marketing campaign management at Ownera. 
What is Programmatic Advertising?
Display or programmatic advertising with Ownera allows you to reach your target market anywhere, at any time, on any device. Leveraging real time bidding in a live auction environment, Ownera Programmatic solution represents the most scalable audience solutions available in today’s world of Programmatic advertising.
How do Ownera leverage Programmatic?
The simplicity of being able to source all of our Programmatic tools through a single platform, it allows us to scale strategic, sophisticated, multi-platform campaigns for our clients with cross device and cross platform optimizations, guaranteeing maximum results.
What kind of targeting does Ownera leveraging?
Programmatic advertising has nearly unlimited targeting options. Ownera’s Programmatic platform has over 70 different third party data sources providing thousands of ways to segment a target audience. Typical Ownera Programmatic campaigns marry content targeting, first party data from advertisers and our third party data sources and/or geo targeting. Ownera has built-in artificial intelligence to guarantee optimal campaign performance from the first impression.
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