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What you deliver is different than any other, it is what makes your company, your association, or your personal brand uniquely yours. For example, there are many refreshments on the market, but only one Coca Cola. There are many investors, but only one Warren Buffet.  The creation and delivery of custom publications with strong and valuable distribution outlets that make sense for you will help uncover and amplify how your brand fulfills a need, delivers joy, or builds up a community of professionals.
Ownera creates audience-centric magazines with strategic print and online distribution for many brands. Ownera offers full-service magazine processes, from creating and curating contents, designs, to sponsor/advertiser acquisitions that can subsidize a portion or the whole cost of the project and full-scale print and online distribution on your behalf. Ownera ensures that your branded magazine and advertisers are positioned properly, reaching your ideal market to achieve your ultimate goals. 

Ownera print and e-magazine strategies magnify marketing opportunities not only to target new customers but to market within your current customer-base that empower repeat business. 

It is important to understand how magazine contents deliver high-quality attention. People gravitate more to magazine contents, not just to see and read, but rather act, as magazine still is an unbeatable platform for action.
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