"There is a new speed of business in today’s workplace. Leading change and innovation, strengthening culture, and developing engaged teams remain the primary focuses and concerns for most, if not all, organizations." States Neil Thornton, President, The Thornton Group of Companies. "Businesses everywhere are competing to attract future talent, with multiple generations working together. Diversity and inclusion are important considerations impacting exponential changes in global and domestic markets. Owners, executives, managers, and frontline staff are looking for balance and are establishing boundaries between work and family.

These same leaders also want to build and put focus towards their own presence, impact, and influence. They wish to own their reputation and brand with teams, colleagues, family, and the community. They realize that leadership is determined by what people say about them when they are not in the room. From reading a room and speaking with power, to understanding the ability to inspire teams to action, these skills are the new commodity in business that create new levels of success.

These reasons, among others, are what pushed me to write this book. If you are being asked to drive strategic plans, lead change and vision, build culture, recruit fresh leadership, grow business development, market differently through fresh branding, mentor world-class teams, and deliver world-class customer service, this book is for you."

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