This is where it all began for Ownera and continue to do so — our love and passion for captivating magazines. This is where your coveted fine repute is at the forefront.

The value of magazine, both print and online, must not be underestimated. Magazine still remains the most powerful and influential communication medium on the planet as opposed to mass communication technologies when it comes to consumer conversion or action.

It is important to understand how magazine contents deliver high-quality attention. People gravitate more to magazine contents, not just to see and read, but rather act on it – as magazine still is an unbeatable platform for action. 

With clicks, likes, and comments on social media, and the traffic statistics provided by search engine optimizations and programmatic displays, we should keep in mind combining the subtler yet arguably the most ROI afforded by magazines.
Magnify your message through your collection of next big things
Concrete and effective campaign to promote your events, sponsors, and vendors, all in one cohesive platform. Spectators, guests, fans, and more indulge themselves with information, whether print or online, to commemorate their experiences with you. A strategic magazine magnifies your message and helps build excitement and anticipation for the next big thing!
Keeping your audience wanting to come back over and over again 
This is a targeted approach that weaves your brand throughout the contents of your luxurious magazine. Perfectly conveying stories that showcase the treasures of your fabulous establishments, your exceptional guest experiences, and the coveted amenities you offer. A vibrant piece to delight your audience at each and every turn, captivating their hearts, keeping them wanting to come back over and over again. 
Your next destination, whether to invest, work, play or stay
The strategic efforts and execution to ensure your local economy is fortified delivers notable results. Reliable workforce opportunities, business retention and expansion, industry diversification and overall improved quality of life are all attractive components to bringing in more residents, investors, and visitors. Utilizing multiple channels to deliver custom programming through visually and editorially stunning work will place your destination at the top of the roster.
Present your value proposition directly to your marketplace
What your brand delivers to its consumers is different than any other, it is what makes your company, your association, or your personal brand uniquely yours. For example, there are many refreshments on the market, but only one Coca Cola. There are many investors, but only one Warren Buffet.  The creation and delivery of custom publications with strong and valuable distribution outlets that make sense for you will help uncover and amplify how your brand fulfills a need, delivers joy, or builds up a community of professionals.
Share your message with others and build credibility
Your personal and professional experiences are truly unique to you and sharing that expertise from your vantage point can often make the difference for many others. By intentionally developing your ability to contribute to the lives and well-being of others, the better your life will be in all areas, and credibility in your specific area will become irrefutable. Ensuring you have the right toolkits, materials and publishing outlets at your disposal will maximize your efforts.
Drive awareness to your cause and attract support
The story of how you came to be and why your mission is so critically important to the members of your community is one worth telling. Leveraging a powerful, integrated messaging platform to deliver that story, draw in awareness to your organizations cause and the difference you make in people’s lives will often provide the greatest aid in reaching your fundraising goals.   
We never stop captivating your audience. After all, that is how we keep you as our life long partners.

Success is not by luck, it is planned properly. In order to achieve your desired results, we have a recipe to follow so that we can deliver on brand with purpose.

Our team has made the custom magazine process easy as 1...2...3... 

Planning & Production
Our team will get to know you and what you are all about. We aim to understand your collective goals so that we can plan and deliver to your expectations and beyond. We will manage and oversee all aspects of the production: editorials, writing, design, layout, edits, printing, and distribution. We will also look after integrated photography sessions, video productions, and copyrights.

Proofing & Printing
Your reputable brand will be beautifully illustrated and conveyed with your help. We will make sure we deliver the quality end product that meets both your needs and the needs of your audience - no better person can know that but you. We will present all creations to you and we will require your approval prior to printing or online release and moving on to our final stage.

Launch & Distribution
As a full-service marketing team, we will assist in the launch and distribution of your custom magazine. With your campaign in mind, we will ensure that the launch and dissemination are properly planned and executed. We are with you every step of the way. Whether print or online, we will guide and assist you that all goes smoothly and achieve the results you wanted.

The cost of your magazine may be subsidized by advertisements from strategic partners. Our media consultants team will assist you on all levels acquiring the advertisers and sponsors to subsidize the cost.

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