Leveraging digital platforms, such as social media, is an excellent way to
drive engagement, awareness, and education for your brand. Knowing who
your audience is and communicating with that audience on a consistent
basis ensures that your brand is top of mind among the most relevant
audience. Communication and engagement win attention and convey your
brand message efficiently. 

Having a checklist to get you started on social media is very important. We have compiled some helpful and effective social media marketing checklist that may help you get started — from creating your pages to keeping an eye on your analytics. Keep this checklist handy and you'll be on your way to fully manage your social media marketing strategies and succeed. 
► Design & upload your page cover (photo/video) on brand
► Upload your profile photo/logo 
► Complete your "About Us" info
► Ensure you have the "Call to Action" button
► Ensure you have your social handle identified & acquired
► Website - your website must have all social media linked icons to direct people to your social pages
► Create your automated responses
► Like your target demographic pages
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