Thanks to technological advancements, augmented and virtual realities and digital immersive experiences can now deliver brand interactions on a whole new level.    

At Ownera Media, we pride ourselves on being a collaborative group of partners with an overall vision to use innovative technology to help drive solutions in our own community and beyond.

We work together with our clients to build compelling applications that provide lasting excitement and value to their end-users. Our partnerships with advance technology suppliers, plus our advanced web-based technology development abilities empower us to bring a level of expertise to your company like no one else. We build products that can scale to your needs. ​​​​​​​
AR on brand collateral, packaging, and labelS
Interacting on your behalf 
AR creates unique and powerful opportunities to connect with your audience. It humanizes brand engagement, encourage sales opportunities, and deliver experiences that are both enjoyable and memorable. 
AR on print and digital/online advertisements
It tells more stories 
AR delivers a whole new level of creative advertising. When AR cues are activated on ads, it gives brands an opportunity to showcase information beyond what's displayed on the ads. A perfect opportunity for storytelling.
VR and immersive For training simulation & PRODUCT DEMO
Revolutionizing multiple industries
Virtual experience setups have proven its worth through this time. Companies are now taking training sessions and modules on a whole new level. The benefits of this application in training sector is arguably both cost and time efficient. ​​​​​​​
immersive experience on conferences, concerts, & events
Let technology bring the "Wow Effect"
This immersive experience application on conferences, concerts, and events brings a magnitude of high-energy and extraordinary effects on people. Fitted in different room sizes, from a small boardroom to large arenas and convention centres, the effects are undeniably amazing.
immersive experience on retail, tourism, DESTINATION settingS
Increase your foot traffic
Have you ever walked by life-like images and mannequins? Now imagine they are gamified and digitally configured for you to just walk right through them. This is just one of the many creative things we can do with this application. 
Choosing your marketing firm relationship is a very important decision for your business. Our team has extensive experience in marketing, branding, and advertising. We help create, recommend, and manage marketing campaigns and optimizations. We understand your goals and are trained to help you achieve maximum performance for your investment.​​​​​​​

Integrity, transparency, accountability are key to our success. As your partner, we are committed to deliver our five core values:

We represent your products and
services with authenticity and pride.

We provide you with profitable opportunities
and measurable results.

We share your message and share
your brand with you.

We aim to achieve your ultimate
goal and succeed.

Together, we celebrate
our every success.

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